Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Dancing Davros

So I decided I wanted to get my friend something a bit special this christmas as she's helped out a lot over the past year. Now she has a collection of bears so I considered getting her a fancy bear, but she's got loads of those. Then I remembered that she's also a Dr Who fan and that I had one of these Daleks in the attic.

So a quick rummage around and I also find one of these bad boys, a genuine dancing hamster
A flurry of further rummaging procured me quite a stash of junk

First things first, skin the hamster and see how it holds together.

Not a pretty sight, but at least that carapace comes off easily enough. Now in these hamsters, the speaker and the batteries are all in the yellow base and there's a cam shaft that connects the body to the base so it rocks from side to side but we couldn't have that as it would make the thing too unstable, plus I was too lazy to work out how to secure it properly.

So I yoinked the wires, fed them through a hole in the dalek skirt, reconnected them and shoved everything under the skirt, classy.
Quickly stuffing the skin back on I notice a problem, even with it's belly taped the hamster head a lot of padding and is much too big for the base.

More foraging produces a small bear which I quickly slice down and tape in place, retaining the original hamster hands as the bear didn't have any, it's arms just abruptly stopped. Note the paint job, had to be done before the fur went on.

Then I was wondering how to attach the jacket, I tried using an old vinyl calculator case and supergluing it but that ended horribly, so I went and bought something I've been meaning to get for years, a GLUE GUN! Gods gift to lazy arts and crafts.

Through a combination of glue gun, insulation tape and black plastic bag I make little Dav a jacket and also the glue gun comes in handy for holding him in place on his chair.

The back plate is made from silver card, a beer can and a pci slot cover. The under carriage is made from parts of old scalextric cars and unscrews to change the batteries.

The chinese have an expression, "If you keep a thing for seven years, you will find a use for it"
If you look at davros' head, you'll see he has a bracket holding it in place, I made mine from the legs of one of these fellas.

All that was left was to attach the bumper and paint his balls, I used silver nail poilsh as anything else would have involved me going into town to the model shop and probably would have needed two coats.
And there you have it, Davros, creator of the evil Daleks, in bear form. Oh actually, there is one more thing, check out the video to see him in action.

Friday, 7 December 2007

The come back kids

Take that reforming? eh alright then. Spice girls? MEH! Boyzone? Didn't they only split up last week? fuck off, what's next? B*witched? Cleopatra? Comin' atcha?

But cynical cash in come backs are nothing new. In the late 80s and early 90s there was a mexican boy band known as Magneto (obviously huge x-men fans) They were pretty popular, over 40 gold discs, platinum and diamond as well, a film or two and loads of screaming groupies.
Then after a few years they got tired of it, or the constant bickering drove them all apart and they split up.
Same old story

Of course a few more years down the line and the money has run out, so the lads decide to get back together and put out a few more albums, except there had been too much bickering and they couldn't all reconcile. They were one member short.
So they recruited young
Ricardo Guillermo Abarca, at 18 years old he was very much the baby of the group, a bit of eye candy to draw in the younger crowd.
Young Ricky thought he'd won the lottery, the sexy lottery that is. Here he was in the middle of a band that were already huge stars, he was singing on stage, he was a star, he was the man. The others in the band were gettting a bit wrinkly so Ricky had first pick, he had hot and cold running groupies all over the place.
One day as they're landing at a gig in Guatemala, they step out of the helicopter and Ricky spots a couple of particularly nice young ladies that he'd like to spend some time in deep conversation with, he gives them a wink and a wave and......

Aid workers managed to recover his fingers and they were successfully reattached at a local hospital.
Ricky is currently appearing in a soap opera called "time of victory" and has learned a lesson about keeping his hands to himself

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Moisturise me!

Today: The moisturisers and a TARDIS chocolate

Yesterday: Bad wolf graffitti and a TARDIS chocolate

I also had a tirade about couriers delivering items to your neighbours and not telling you about it until you've spent an hour and a half getting to the office where they promised it would be

but I'm too tired now

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Day 4

Today I got a picture of the TARDIS and a tardis chocolate and I also realised that Iopened the wrong day yesterday.

Monday, 3 December 2007


In todays advent calendar I got no chocolate but I did get a small black dalek.

Also, I think the cat may be jealous of the furby, hopefully she will pay attention to me now

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Things I bought

stuff I bought on todays trawl of the second hand shops

2 Doctor who audio books
1 Novel by the authour of withnail and I, can't remember the name of it it's downstairs and I couldn't be bothered getting it
1 Glentoran football scarf, for my dad although I'm not sure he'll get the joke
1 furby

Total cost. £2.25