Monday, 11 April 2016

Computer and video games with my wife: part 1

My wife has never been a game player but because she loves me, she has consented to me trying to find something she enjoys. Here's the first results

fusion frenzy - xbox: meh, just about tolerates sumo, but too many different things going on

Mario Kart - Wii: wife approved. Simple controls, fun gameplay, sensible learning curve, co-op mode

Micro machines - PlayStation: the fact that the car turns when the camera doesn't, so that left can be right or up or anything at any moment makes this quite confusing

Tekken 3 - PlayStation: the Tekken ball volley ball sub game is very much wife approved. Simple controls, not too difficult (if I play as gon) contains farting dinosaur and allows wife to kick husband in the face

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