Thursday, 25 October 2007

If you write out all the highlighted letters in this post and re-arrange them, you can find a special secret message, answer at the bottom of the post

I was considering actually telling people that I have a blog so that I might actually get some comments on my post, but then I decided "Why spoil it?"

Anyway I had a bloke on the phone, lets call him A. A wanted to speak to engineer on case ###, so I looked up the case, there was no engineer, very odd as this was a high priority case, so I called the appropriate team (V) I spoke to M who informed me of the special secret rule which said that this case actually had to go to team E, I checked the special secret tool and it said the same. Never heard of team E but I give them a call, this routes me through to a switchboard who know fuck all about anything, so I call the team leads for team E, let's say K and L, they're not answering the phone or IM, so I call M in team V and ask if they can take care of this for now as it's the tech they can handle and A needs to speak to somone urgently. M takes the case but A drops off the line, M says he'll call him. a few minutes later M contacts me and asks me to contact the special secret manager for the special secret team, who the fuck is that? I ask, as I have no info on special secret managers. M tells me it's C. So I call C and he's a bit put out as he doesn't become special secret manager until next week and he's never heard of special secret team E, but he makes a few calls and manages to find out that the team leads for team E are off today so he asks me to send the case back to M in team V and he'll chase up special secret team E and get them to pick it up when they get back from their table football. So I call M and he takes the case.
Now because this has taken best part of an hour for an urgent case, I tell my manager about it and write it up so it can be escalated to his manager and so on. The special secret manager C has got hold of it and is doing some shouting about it and no doubt M has raised the issue with his manager, and then I get an email.
This email is from K, the team lead of the special secret team, the team lead who is supposedly off today. It's not addressed to me, I've just been CC'd in, it's addressed to A.
A who called an hour ago to urgently speak to the engineer handling this case.
Guess what?
A is the motherfucker that is supposed to be handling this fucking case.

ǝɹʇuǝɔ llɐɔ ƃuıʞɔnɟ ɐ uı ʞɹoʍ ɹǝʌǝu :ɹǝʍsuɐ


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